We have extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Counselling and Psychotherapy

I can not look into the future but what I can do through my qualifications of counselling and psychotherapy is help arm you with the positivity and skills to deal with it.



This is a extremely successful therapy that was developed for soldiers suffering with PTSD. I am qualified and experienced in using this therapy for trauma you have have encountered as a child or adult.



I am a fully qualified and experienced Reiki Master. This is a fantastic way to feel completely relaxed in a safe and secure environment. In a nutshell. It balances you enabling you to sleep better, relax better and in general feel great.


EFT (Tapping)

Qualified, experienced and it has worked on me lots of times. This is a really simple way of 're-tuning' the thought process. It is quite simply tapping different places in the body that store information. Simple, safe, effective and it works.



No watches, no 'look into my eyes', no dancing like a chicken. Hypnosis is a deep relaxation method. Once you are in a deep relaxation you are more open to the power of positive language. Does it work? Yes. Short courses available 


For those who feel they need some support or guidance towards goals, whether they be related to work, home, social situations etc. If you don't think that counselling is the right option for you then coaching is a great alternative.