Relationships come in many different formats:

  • marriage

  • parent and child

  • siblings

  • cohabiting

  • same sex

  • work colleagues

  • friends


With all these relationships, we set off on a path which seems clear, no rocks or rubble in the way. Then suddenly, a storm happens and the path seems lost, flooded, disappeared. Like we are sitting on the cliff side waiting for it to clear, but it isn't clearing. The rocks from our lives over many years keep getting in the way. Then the arguments start, it could be, who is putting the bins out? Why weren't the bins put out? Is this the real issue? What is the real issue? That is where I come in. Whether it is an issue with a family member. Whether it is a reoccurring argument with your friend. Whether your 15 year old son is not listening or you feel your parent is not listening - I can really help.

I offer a friendly, non judgemental ear to individuals and couples, where we can talk about things, issues or life in general. Does it work? Call me for a chat and to see how I can help.