Alcohol, Food, Drugs, Prescription Tablets, Gambling, Smoking, Vaping... Addictions can come in many different guises whether that's drinking every day, over or under eating or more. We can use addictions to help us through the day. It can feel all consuming the need to get the next fix, the feeling that we can not get through the day without it. Then comes the short lived relief feeling of euphoria and the despair that follows. Along with Mr Guilt, Mr Lies and Mr Low. If you are fed up of living with the Mr's I can help through using various different techniques. I do not have a one sized fits all approach as we are all individual with different needs. 

Fears & Phobias

Birds, Insects, Flying, Acrophobia (heights), Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, Fear Of Injections, Vomit...how horrible is it to wake up every day, thinking about your routine and how to ensure that you are not in a position where you can't make it through. Or the crippling fear of flying means there are no holidays overseas, even forcing yourself to board a plane with the whole of your holiday ruined by the thoughts of the return journey home. I have helped so many people, just like you, overcome that crippling fear. They feel like all the doors are suddenly opened. More importantly they are no longer trapped by their fears. Fear is no longer holding them back from enjoying their lives. Do you want this? If so, call me. Lets talk.

Stress And Anxiety

'If anyone says anything else I'm completely going to lose it'

'I think I'm going to burst'

'I can't eat I feel sick with worry'

Are these some of the things that you say to yourself on a day to day basis? Can you feel the worry and anxiety in your throat or the pit of your stomach and you just can't eat? Does it feel like everyone just keeps loading their 'stuff' on you and you really have had enough? You're not alone. Sometimes, in life, stress and anxiety can just keep building and building like blocks. Eventually the blocks will fall and crash to the floor. Then it all starts again except - it actually does not have to. I have helped people to 'build' the blocks to cope. To release this anxiety. So you can eat and enjoy eating. And live and enjoy living. Sound good? It is not just good, it is brilliant. 

Sadness, Depression And Loneliness

Sun is shining.... no its raining....suns out today...don't care I'm shutting the curtains. I think there is no emotion which is stronger than sadness. That feeling of being surrounded but feeling complete and utter loneliness and despair. It is horrible. There is no road out, no one understands...cheer up...come on it is not that bad... are the sayings you hear. Come on pull yourself out of it...but you can't. Is there really a path of happiness out there for you? Can you be someone, the person you used to be who wakes up with that spring in your step? Of course you can. How can I say this so confidently? Because I've been you. Someone helped me. Let me help you.